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Fergal J O'Brien
Niamh A Plunkett
Michael J Jaasma



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Design and validation of a dynamic flow perfusion bioreactor for use with compliant tissue engineering scaffolds. (2007)

Abstract In tissue engineering, flow perfusion bioreactors can be used to enhance nutrient diffusion while mechanically stimulating cells to increase matrix production. The goal of this study was to design and validate a dynamic flow perfusion bioreactor for use with compliant scaffolds. Using a non-permanent staining technique, scaffold perfusion was verified for flow rates of 0.1-2.0 mL/min. Flow analysis revealed that steady, pulsatile and oscillatory flow profiles were effectively transferred from the pump to the scaffold. Compared to static culture, bioreactor culture of osteoblast-seeded collagen-GAG scaffolds led to a 27-34% decrease in cell number but stimulated an 800-1200% increase in the production of prostaglandin E(2), an early-stage bone formation marker. This validated flow perfusion bioreactor provides the basis for optimisation of bioreactor culture in tissue engineering applications.
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Fergal J O'Brien, Niamh A Plunkett, Michael J Jaasma

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