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Patricia B Maguire
David R Cotter
Matthew Sullivan
Michael Clarke
Kieran Wynne
Martina Foy
Aine T Behan



cell adhesion protein expression proteins analysis signal transduction bipolar disorder cell membrane membrane proteins post mortem analysis

Analysis of membrane microdomain-associated proteins in the insular cortex of post-mortem human brain. (2007)

Abstract Membrane microdomains (MM) are membrane rafts within the cell membrane enriched in cholesterol and glycosphingolipids that have been implicated in the trafficking and sorting of membrane proteins, secretory and endocytotic pathways, and signal transduction. To date, MM have not been characterised in the human brain. We reason that by identifying MM in the normal human cortex, we may better understand the molecular mechanisms of human brain dysfunction. To characterize the protein composition of MM in the human brain, we have carried out a comprehensive proteomic analysis of detergent resistant membranes (DRMs) associated proteins derived from human postmortem insular cortex using 1-DE separation prior to LC coupled to MS/MS or GeLC-MS/MS. Eighty five proteins were identified including 57 unique to human brain cortex DRMs (by comparison with DRM proteins reported in other cell types). High levels of signal transduction, cell adhesion, cell transport and cell trafficking proteins were identified including synaptic proteins such as synapsin II and synaptic vesicle membrane protein, mitochondrial proteins such as ATPase subunits and metabolic enzymes such as malate dehydrogenase. This data will facilitate our understanding of protein expression changes within membranes in candidate brain regions in human brain diseases such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders.
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Patricia B Maguire, David R Cotter, Matthew Sullivan, Michael Clarke, Kieran Wynne, Martina Foy, Aine T Behan

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