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Michael J Dunn
David R Cotter
Stephen R Pennington
Gert Lubec
Niaobh O'Donoghue
Paul J Boersema
Melanie Föcking



proteome female electrophoresis gel two dimensional amino acid sequence animals metabolism spectrometry mass electrospray ionization mice mice inbred c57bl growth development brain fluorescent dyes molecular sequence data aging pilot projects humans image processing computer assisted embryology

2-D DIGE as a quantitative tool for investigating the HUPO Brain Proteome Project mouse series. (2006)

Abstract Brain development and aging is a complex process involving proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. Elucidating proteome changes in these processes can help to understand the mechanisms of brain development and maintenance as well as neurodegenerative diseases. The research reported here is a contribution to the HUPO Brain Proteome Project mouse pilot study. Whole, frozen C57BL/6J mouse brain comprising three different developmental stages (embryonic day 16, postnatal day 7, and postnatal days 54-58) were processed by using 2-D DIGE. A total of 1999 spots were matched between all gels. Of these, 206 spots were differentially expressed between the different stages: 122 spots were highest in intensity in embryonic stage E16, 26 highest in the juvenile group P7 and 58 spots highest in P56, the adult stage. The results show a pattern of temporal expression. Based on the expression patterns we tentatively suggest that proteins involved in the establishment of primary structures in the brain are expressed highest in the embryonic mouse. Proteins involved in the development of the brain are expressed highest in the juvenile phase and proteins that make utilization of the brain possible by delivering energy are expressed highest in the adult mice.
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Michael J Dunn, David R Cotter, Stephen R Pennington, Gert Lubec, Niaobh O'Donoghue, Paul J Boersema, Melanie Föcking

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