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D Bouchier-Hayes
M Walsh
C Condron
B O'Neill
J P O'Neill


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aged therapeutic use drug resistance neoplasm thyroidectomy combined modality therapy neoadjuvant therapy humans mortality therapy prognosis thyroid neoplasms chemotherapy adjuvant antineoplastic agents carcinoma neck dissection diagnosis radiotherapy adjuvant

Anaplastic (undifferentiated) thyroid cancer: improved insight and therapeutic strategy into a highly aggressive disease. (2005)

Abstract BACKGROUND: This review article discusses the clinical and diagnostic implications of anaplastic thyroid cancer, recognizing the aggressive nature of the disease and extensive disease progression upon diagnosis. Standard treatment strategies (surgical, chemotherapy, radiation) are discussed, comparing adjuvant and neo-adjuvant regimens and the emergence of tumour resistance with expression of multidrug resistance pumps. We question the pathological evolution of anaplasia as a 'de novo' disease or a post malignant transformation or dedifferentiation and the therapeutic implications of p53 mutation. Future treatment options are reviewed with an emphasis on specific molecular targets responsible for the neoplastic phenotype. METHOD: An electronic search on Medline and Pubmed was performed under 'anaplastic thyroid carcinoma', 'anaplastic thyroid carcinogenesis', 'anaplastic thyroid carcinoma treatment reviews'. Relevant papers were systematically reviewed from 1965 to present.
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D Bouchier-Hayes, M Walsh, C Condron, B O'Neill, J P O'Neill

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