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Eoin O'Brien
Alice Stanton
Lutgarde Thijs
Jan Staessen
Patricia McCormack
Sarah Sharif
Kareem Hinedi
Sean McClory
Neil Atkins
Eamon Dolan


Medicine & Nursing

blood pressure monitoring ambulatory cause of death ireland humans mortality diagnosis physiopathology data collection predictive value of tests epidemiology cardiovascular diseases prognosis

Ambulatory blood pressure measurement as a predictor of outcome in an Irish population: methodology for ascertaining mortality outcome. (2003)

Abstract Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) has proven to be a superior predictor of morbid events when compared to clinic or office blood pressure measurement (CBPM). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the predictive value of ABPM in a sample of 14 414 people referred for management of cardiovascular risk. In this paper we describe the methodology required to examine mortality outcome in the absence of a national unique identifier. Using a computerized database of deaths we were able to establish that 1348 people had died by the end of the follow-up period (30 September 2002). Sixty-four percent of deaths were cardiovascular and in 207 subjects who had post-mortem examinations, 78% were cardiovascular. The accurate identification of the cause of death in a large population will allow comparison of the relative predictive power of APBM and CBPM in an Irish population.
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Eoin O'Brien, Alice Stanton, Lutgarde Thijs, Jan Staessen, Patricia McCormack, Sarah Sharif, Kareem Hinedi, Sean McClory, Neil Atkins, Eamon Dolan

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