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Timothy Dinan
Dermot Kenny
Veronica O'Keane
Martina Ryan
Rita M Condren
Rory O'Connor
Marie-Therese Walsh
Eugene M Cassidy


Medicine & Nursing

case control studies female platelet glycoprotein gpib ix complex complications blood male etiology stroke depressive disorder major middle aged adult blood platelets metabolism platelet glycoprotein gpiib iiia complex humans flow cytometry

Platelet surface glycoprotein expression in post-stroke depression: a preliminary study. (2003)

Abstract Depression is a significant risk factor for and consequence of both cardiovascular disease and stroke. The pathophysiological processes underlying this association are poorly understood. This study utilised a technique for measurement of whole blood platelet surface glycoproteins involved in early adhesion and aggregation in sample populations of patients with depression and stroke, and healthy controls. We analysed the platelet surface glycoproteins GPIb and GPIIbIIIa using flow cytometry in eight depressed subjects (Hamilton depression score >17), 14 post-stroke subjects (seven depressed and seven non-depressed), and in eight healthy control subjects. The number of GPIb receptors was significantly increased in subjects with depression and in post-stroke subjects compared to control subjects. The number of GPIb receptors from post-stroke subjects was not significantly different from that of depressed subjects. There were no differences between any groups in measures of GPIIbIIIa receptor numbers. No additive effect of co-morbid depression on the surface expression level of either marker could be detected in the post-stroke subjects. Platelet dysfunction may be involved in the pathophysiological process underlying the association between depression and cerebrovascular disease.
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Timothy Dinan, Dermot Kenny, Veronica O'Keane, Martina Ryan, Rita M Condren, Rory O'Connor, Marie-Therese Walsh, Eugene M Cassidy

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