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S J O'Neill
N G McElvaney
C M Greene
A Bella
T Fitzgerald
G Lowe
P M Gallagher



polymerase chain reaction smoking aged pneumonia adverse effects humans interleukin 6 aged 80 and over case control studies polymorphism restriction fragment length etiology genetics community acquired infections complications systemic inflammatory response syndrome interleukin 10 polymorphism genetic pulmonary disease chronic obstructive tumor necrosis factor alpha

Association of IL-10 polymorphism with severity of illness in community acquired pneumonia. (2003)

Abstract The influence of genetic polymorphisms of interleukin (IL)-10, tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha, and IL-6 gene promoters on severity of systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) associated with community acquired pneumonia (CAP) was studied. Using PCR-RFLP analysis we analysed a -1082G/A single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) of the anti-inflammatory IL-10 gene, a -308G/A SNP of the pro-inflammatory TNF-alpha gene and a -174G/C SNP of the IL-6 gene. Illness severity was stratified according to SIRS score, calculated by presence of up to four physiological indices: temperature, white blood cell count, heart rate and respiratory rate (non-SIRS, SIRS 2, SIRS 3, and SIRS 4). A statistically significant stepwise increase in frequency of the IL-10 G allele, associated with higher expression of the gene, was observed in patients with increasing severity of illness from non-SIRS (n=19) to SIRS 2 (n=17), SIRS 3 (n=33) and SIRS 4 (n=24). This was primarily due to a higher frequency of the GG genotype with increasing severity from non-SIRS through to SIRS 4. IL-10 G allele frequency was also increased in patients who died as a result of CAP (n=11) compared with CAP survivors (n=82) (p=0.01). No association was seen between the TNF-alpha -308G/A and IL-6 -174G/C SNPs and disease. Additionally, no interaction between all three SNP genotypes and disease severity was observed. A polymorphism affecting IL-10 expression may influence the severity of illness in patients with CAP.
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S J O'Neill, N G McElvaney, C M Greene, A Bella, T Fitzgerald, G Lowe, P M Gallagher

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