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D J Bouchier-Hayes
H P Redmond
T N Walsh
J H Harmey
D A McNamara



neovascularization pathologic prevention control growth substances blood supply physiopathology therapy humans neoplasms physiology surgery

Significance of angiogenesis in cancer therapy. (1998)

Abstract For most solid tumours, surgery remains the most effective primary treatment. Despite apparently curative resection, significant numbers of patients develop secondary disease due to growth of undetected micrometastases. The ability of a tumour to metastasize is related to the degree of angiogenesis it induces. In addition, micrometastases rely on new vessel formation to provide the nutrients necessary for growth. A better understanding of how tumours acquire their blood supply may lead to more effective adjuvant therapies and improve survival following surgery. A systematic review of the literature on angiogenesis between 1971 and 1997 was performed using the Medline database to ascertain current thinking on angiogenesis and its relevance in oncological surgery. Angiogenesis is a physiological process subject to autocrine and paracrine regulation which has the potential to become abnormal and play a part in a number of pathological states, including cancer. Increased angiogenic stimuli in the perioperative period, associated with concomitant reduction in tumour-derived antiangiogenic factors following resection of a primary tumour, result in a permissive environment which allows micrometastases to grow. Recognition of the role of angiogenesis in metastatic tumour growth represents a significant development in our understanding of tumour biology. The development of antiangiogenic agents offers new promise in the treatment of malignancy. Such agents may prevent or control the development and growth of primary and metastatic tumours.
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D J Bouchier-Hayes, H P Redmond, T N Walsh, J H Harmey, D A McNamara

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