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Pauline M Rudd
Rita M Hickey
Stephen D Carrington
Khalid A Al Busadah
Karina Mariño
Jonathan A Lane
Simone Albrecht



colostrum animals chemistry oligosaccharides female cattle animals inbred strains milk sheep domestic sus scrofa camels molecular structure metabolism alkaline phosphatase horses saudi arabia ireland bacterial proteins phosphorylation glycoside hydrolases tandem mass spectrometry goats

A comparative study of free oligosaccharides in the milk of domestic animals. (2014)

Abstract The present study was conducted to obtain a comprehensive overview of oligosaccharides present in the milk of a variety of important domestic animals including cows, goats, sheep, pigs, horses and dromedary camels. Using an analytical workflow that included ultra-performance liquid chromatography-hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection coupled to quadrupole time-of-flight MS, detailed oligosaccharide libraries were established. The partial or full characterisation of the neutral/fucosylated, phosphorylated and sialylated structures was facilitated by sequencing with linkage- and sugar-specific exoglycosidases. Relative peak quantification of the 2-aminobenzamide-labelled oligosaccharides provided additional information. Milk from domestic animals contained a much larger variety of complex oligosaccharides than was previously assumed, and thirteen of these structures have been identified previously in human milk. The direct comparison of the oligosaccharide mixtures reflects their role in the postnatal maturation of different types of gastrointestinal systems, which, in this way, are prepared for certain post-weaning diets. The potential value of animal milk for the commercial extraction of oligosaccharides to be used in human and animal health is highlighted.
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Pauline M Rudd, Rita M Hickey, Stephen D Carrington, Khalid A Al Busadah, Karina Mariño, Jonathan A Lane, Simone Albrecht

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