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Joseph P Kerry
Ruth Hamill
Maurice G O'Sullivan
Brian D Tobin



humans middle aged adolescent meat products data collection europe dietary supplements ubiquinone foods specialized female coenzyme q10 functional food attitude questionnaires health chi square distribution analogs derivatives consumer behavior male adult young adult

European consumer attitudes on the associated health benefits of neutraceutical-containing processed meats using Co-enzyme Q10 as a sample functional ingredient. (2012)

Abstract This study accumulated European consumer attitudes towards processed meats and their use as a functional food. A survey was set up using an online web-application to gather information on consumer perception of processed meats as well as neutraceutical-containing processed meats. 548 responses were obtained and statistical analysis was carried out using a statistical software package. Data was summarized as frequencies for each question and statistical differences analyzed using the Chi-Square statistical test with a significance level of 5% (P<0.05). The majority of consumer attitudes towards processed meat indicate that they are unhealthy products. Most believe that processed meats contain large quantities of harmful chemicals, fat and salt. Consumers were found to be very pro-bioactive compounds in yogurt style products but unsure of their feelings in meat based products, which is likely due to the lack of familiarity to these products. Many of the respondents were willing to consume meat based functional foods but were not willing to pay more for them.
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Joseph P Kerry, Ruth Hamill, Maurice G O'Sullivan, Brian D Tobin

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