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Joseph P Kerry
Ruth Hamill
Maurice G O'Sullivan
Brian D Tobin



humans metabolism food fortified cooking swine meat products ubiquinone chemistry coenzyme q10 hot temperature cattle animals digestion analogs derivatives models biological

Effect of cooking and in vitro digestion on the stability of co-enzyme Q10 in processed meat products. (2012)

Abstract The use of CoQ10 fortification in the production of a functional food has been demonstrated in the past but primarily for dairy products. This study aimed to determine the bio-accessibility of CoQ10 in processed meat products, beef patties and pork breakfast sausages, fortified with CoQ10. Both the patties and sausages were fortified with a micellarized form of CoQ10 to enhance solubility to a concentration of 1mg/g of sample (NovaSolQ®). An assay was developed combining in vitro digestion and HPLC analysis to quantify the CoQ10 present in fortified products (100mg/g). The cooking retention level of CoQ10 in the products was found to be 74±1.42% for patties and 79.69±0.75% for sausages. The digestibility for both products ranged between 93% and 95%, sausages did have a higher digestibility level than patties but this was not found to be significant (P<0.01).
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Joseph P Kerry, Ruth Hamill, Maurice G O'Sullivan, Brian D Tobin

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