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J P Kerry
A M Mullen
D J Troy
M C Cruz-Romero
C C O'Flynn


Agriculture & Food Science

animals breakfast chemistry emulsions physicochemical phenomena food handling color pressure humans phosphates taste meat products swine

The application of high-pressure treatment in the reduction of phosphate levels in breakfast sausages. (2013)

Abstract This study investigated effects of high pressure (HP) treatment of pork meat at 150 or 300 MPa for 5 min before manufacturing sausages on the reduction of phosphate levels and compared to sausages manufactured with untreated pork meat (control sausages). Improvement in perceived saltiness, juiciness and overall flavour was observed in sausages manufactured using HP-treated meat at 150 MPa and 0% phosphate, compared to control sausages. Sausages manufactured using meat HP-treated at 150 MPa and 0.25% phosphate (P<0.05) improved hardness of sausages. HP-treated meat at 300 MPa and 0% phosphate decreased juiciness and adhesiveness, while at 0.25% phosphate, adversely affected emulsion stability and sensory attributes. HP treatment did not affect significantly the lightness of the sausages; however, elimination of phosphate reduced (P<0.05) the yellowness, while HP treatment at 150 MPa with 0.25 or 0.5% phosphate increased (P<0.05) redness. HP reatment at 150 MPa has potential for reducing phosphate levels in sausages without significant changes in their functionality and improved acceptability.
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J P Kerry, A M Mullen, D J Troy, M C Cruz-Romero, C C O'Flynn

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