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Martin Danaher
Steven J Lehotay
Richard O'Kennedy
Michelle Whelan
Lesa Clarke
John O'Mahony



mass detection veterinary residues drug residues food analysis mass spectrometry chromatography high pressure liquid this review

The use of ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometric detection in the analysis of agrochemical residues and mycotoxins in food - Challenges and applications. (2012)

Abstract In the field of food contaminant analysis, the most significant development of recent years has been the integration of ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC), coupled to tandem quadrupole mass spectrometry (MS/MS), into analytical applications. In this review, we describe the emergence of UHPLC through technological advances. The implications of this new chromatographic technology for MS detection are discussed, as well as some of the remaining challenges in exploiting it for chemical residue applications. Finally, a comprehensive overview of published applications of UHPLC-MS in food contaminant analysis is presented, with a particular focus on veterinary drug residues.
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Martin Danaher, Steven J Lehotay, Richard O'Kennedy, Michelle Whelan, Lesa Clarke, John O'Mahony

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