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Martin Danaher
Richard O'Kennedy
Anna Gadaj
John O'Mahony
Lesa Clarke
Mary Moloney



animals coccidiostats drug residues muscles chemistry linear models chromatography high pressure liquid eggs sensitivity and specificity chickens meat reproducibility of results food analysis tandem mass spectrometry

Determination of 20 coccidiostats in egg and avian muscle tissue using ultra high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. (2011)

Abstract A quantitative, comprehensive multiresidue method which includes 20 coccidiostat residues has been developed. The method described uses a simple one-step liquid extraction with acetonitrile to isolate analytes from both the polyether ionophore and chemical classes of coccidiostats. Subsequent to a further concentration step, samples were analysed via UHPLC-MS/MS. The method was validated according to the Commission Decision 2002/657/EEC in egg and avian muscle. The method permitted quantitative confirmation for 13 compounds below target concentrations, and screening for a further 7 compounds. Within-laboratory repeatability gave accuracy values in the range of 68-129%, while reproducibility ranged between 75 and 123%. Calibration ranges were typically 1-50 μg kg⁻¹, although higher ranges were used for dinitrocarbanilide, imidocarb and toltrazuril residues. A regression coefficient (R²) value of greater than 0.98 was obtained for all analytes. Precision results ranged from 2.3 to 19.7% CV for egg and from 2.6 to 23.6% CV in muscle. CCα was in the range from 1.13 μg kg⁻¹ (clopidol) to 179 μg kg⁻¹ (lasalocid) in egg. In muscle, CCα ranged from 2.25 μg kg⁻¹ (aprinocid) to 4579 μg kg⁻¹ (dinitrocarbanilide). CCβ was from 1.29 μg kg⁻¹ (clopidol) to 209 μg kg⁻¹ (lasalocid) in egg, and 2.58 μg kg⁻¹ (arprinocid) to 6060 μg kg⁻¹ (dinitrocarbanilide) in muscle. Limits of quantification were 1 μg kg⁻¹ for all compounds, except imidocarb and dinitrocarbanilide (10 μg kg⁻¹), and toltrazuril and metabolites (50 μg kg⁻¹).
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Martin Danaher, Richard O'Kennedy, Anna Gadaj, John O'Mahony, Lesa Clarke, Mary Moloney

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