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Maria Hayes
Eileen O'Neill
Joseph Kerry
Declan Bolton
Anne Maria Mullen
Roberta Di Bernardini



water angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors pharmacology food analysis papain sarcoplasmic reticulum animals chemistry meat biphenyl compounds muscle skeletal picrates cattle antioxidants iron chelating agents 2 2 diphenyl 1 picrylhydrazyl metabolism

Assessment of the angiotensin-I-converting enzyme (ACE-I) inhibitory and antioxidant activities of hydrolysates of bovine brisket sarcoplasmic proteins produced by papain and characterisation of associated bioactive peptidic fractions. (2011)

Abstract The main objective was to investigate the angiotensin-I-converting enzyme (ACE-I) inhibitory and antioxidant activities of sarcoplasmic proteins isolated from the brisket muscle (Pectoralis profundus) of 3 (Bos taurus) cattle and hydrolysed with papain for 24 h at 37°C. Sarcoplasmic protein hydrolysates were ultra-filtered using molecular weight cut off (MWCO) membranes and 10-kDa and 3-kDa filtrates were obtained. The total sarcoplasmic protein extracts and the 3-kDa filtrates were tested for angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitory (ACE-I) activities. The total hydrolysates, 10-kDa and 3-kDa filtrates were also tested for their associated antioxidant activities using the 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical scavenging activity assay, the ferric ion reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) assay and the Fe(2+) metal chelating ability assay. The peptidic content of the total hydrolysates, the 10-kDa and the 3-kDa filtrates were analysed using an ORBITRAP mass spectrometer, and mass spectral data obtained were analysed using TurboSEQUEST. Eleven peptides were characterised from the total hydrolysates, fifteen from the 10-kDa filtrate fractions, whilst nine peptides were characterised from the 3-kDa filtrate fractions. Similarities between the amino acid sequences of the peptides identified in this study and previously identified antioxidant and ACE-I inhibitory peptides detailed in the BIOPEP database were outlined.
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Maria Hayes, Eileen O'Neill, Joseph Kerry, Declan Bolton, Anne Maria Mullen, Roberta Di Bernardini

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