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M A Crowe
V Gath
T Sweeney
M Murray
B Earley
W Y Pang



hydrocortisone animals gene expression regulation leukocytes carprofen cattle genetics metabolism male carbazoles veterinary therapeutic use drug effects inflammation cytokines pharmacology orchiectomy

Banding or Burdizzo castration and carprofen administration on peripheral leukocyte inflammatory cytokine transcripts. (2010)

Abstract The objective was to investigate if Banding or Burdizzo castration of bulls would alter the gene expression profile of a range of peripheral leukocyte inflammatory cytokines (IL-1, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, interferon-γ and tumor necrosis factor-α) and to determine if the administration of carprofen (C) before castration would affect the expression of these genes. Thirty Holstein-Friesian bulls (5.5 months; Mean 191±(SEM) 3.7 kg) were blocked by weight and randomly assigned to one of five treatments: (1) untreated control (CON); (2) Banding castration at 0 min (BAND); (3) BAND following an i.v. injection of 1.4 mg/kg BW of carprofen (C) at -20 min (BAND+C); (4) Burdizzo castration at 0 min (BURD); or (5) BURD following 1.4 mg/kg BW of carprofen at -20 min (BURD+C). Blood samples were collected at 1 h before castration and 6, 24 and 48 h post-castration for routine hematology and quantitative real-time PCR analysis of cytokine gene expression analysis. Generally, there were no differences (P>0.05) among treatment groups in hematological variables following castration. Cortisol concentrations were unchanged throughout the experimental period in CON bulls. BURD animals had greater cortisol concentrations than BAND and CON animals at 6 h post treatment. Transitory effects were observed only in the expression of IL-6 and TNF-α. The relative expression of IL-6 was greater in the BURD than in the BAND treatment (P<0.05) at 24 h post-castration and was greater in the BURD+C group than in the BURD group (P<0.05) at 48 h. The relative expression of TNF-α was greater in BAND than in the BURD group (P<0.05) at 48 h. In conclusion, these findings indicate that Banding or Burdizzo castration did not have any major effect on peripheral leukocyte inflammatory cytokine gene expression; Banding castration caused a greater pro-inflammatory cytokine gene expression reaction than Burdizzo castration and carprofen administration can affect IL-6 gene expression levels in BURD castrated animals.
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M A Crowe, V Gath, T Sweeney, M Murray, B Earley, W Y Pang

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