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J P Kerry
P Allen
M N O'Grady
V Stepanyan
J E Hayes



animals food packaging plant extracts chemistry food preservation instrumentation dose response relationship drug antioxidants cooking pharmacology swine food preservatives

Evaluation of the effects of selected phytochemicals on quality indices and sensorial properties of raw and cooked pork stored in different packaging systems. (2009)

Abstract The effects of lutein (100, 200mug/g muscle), sesamol (250, 500mug/g muscle), ellagic acid (300, 600mug/g muscle) and olive leaf extract (100, 200mug/g muscle) on lipid oxidation (thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances TBARs), colour (CIE L *, a *, b *), pH, texture profile analysis (TPA), water holding capacity (WHC), cooking losses and sensorial properties of fresh and cooked pork patties were investigated. Raw and cooked minced pork (M. longissimus thoracis et lumborum) containing added lutein, sesamol, ellagic acid or olive leaf extract were stored aerobically or in modified atmosphere packs (MAP) for up to 8 and 12days, respectively. Lutein, sesamol, ellagic acid and olive leaf extract had no significant effect on microbial status, cook loss, pH or WHC. Lipid oxidation was reduced (P<0.001) in raw and cooked pork patties stored in aerobic packs and in MAP following addition of sesamol, ellagic acid and olive leaf extract. Antioxidant effectiveness in raw and cooked patties was in the order: sesamol=ellagic acid>olive leaf extract>lutein. Lutein increased (P<0.001) b * yellowness values in raw pork patties. Addition of lutein, sesamol, ellagic acid and olive leaf extract to pork had no detrimental effects on the organoleptic properties of cooked patties but altered (P<0.05) instrumental textural attributes. Results highlight the potential of using natural functional ingredients in the development of functional pork products with enhanced quality and shelf-life.
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J P Kerry, P Allen, M N O'Grady, V Stepanyan, J E Hayes

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