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Anne Maria Mullen
Joseph P Kerry
Begonya Marcos



color water standards pressure food preservation meat muscle proteins protein denaturation sarcoplasmic reticulum animals chemistry solubility cattle hot temperature electrophoresis polyacrylamide gel

High pressure induced changes on sarcoplasmic protein fraction and quality indicators. (2009)

Abstract The combined effect of pressure and mild temperature treatments on bovine sarcoplasmic proteins and quality parameters was assessed. M. longissimus dorsi samples were pressurised in a range of 200-600 MPa and 10-30 degrees C. High Pressure Processing (HPP) induced a reduction of protein solubility (p<0.001) compared to non-treated controls (NT), more pronounced above 200 MPa. HPP at pressures higher than 200 MPa induced a strong modification (p<0.001) of meat colour and a reduction of water holding capacity (WHC). SDS-PAGE analysis demonstrated that HPP significantly modified the composition of the sarcoplasmic protein fraction. The pressurisation temperature mainly affected protein solubility and colour; a smaller effect was observed on protein profiles. Significant correlations (p<0.001) between sarcoplasmic protein solubility and both expressible moisture (r=-0.78) and colour parameters (r=-0.81 to -0.91) suggest that pressure induced denaturation of sarcoplasmic proteins could influence to some extent WHC and colour modifications of beef. Changes in protein band intensities were also significantly correlated with protein solubility, meat lightness and expressible moisture. These results describe the changes induced by HPP on sarcoplasmic proteins and confirm a relationship between modification of the sarcoplasmic protein fraction and alteration of meat quality characteristics.
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Anne Maria Mullen, Joseph P Kerry, Begonya Marcos

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