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J P Kerry
M N O'Grady
P Allen
V Stepanyan
J E Hayes


Agriculture & Food Science

food preservatives color dose response relationship drug standards food preservation lutein plant extracts pharmacology ellagic acid time factors meat olea plant leaves cattle chemistry animals

Effect of lutein, sesamol, ellagic acid and olive leaf extract on the quality and shelf-life stability of packaged raw minced beef patties. (2009)

Abstract The effects of lutein (100 and 200 microg/g muscle), sesamol (250 and 500 microg/g muscle), ellagic acid (300 and 600 microg/g muscle) and olive leaf extract (100 and 200 microg/g muscle) on total viable counts (TVCs), lipid oxidation (thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances, TBARS), colour, oxymyoglobin oxidation, pH, water-holding capacity (WHC), sensorial properties of raw beef patties (M. longissimus thoracis et lumborum) stored in modified atmosphere packs (80% O(2):20% CO(2)) (MAP) aerobically at 4 degrees C for up to 8 and 12 days, respectively, were examined. All the nutraceuticals reduced (P<0.001) TVCs. The addition of sesamol, ellagic acid and olive leaf extract reduced (P<0.001) TBARS in raw beef patties in both packaging systems. Sesamol addition to beef resulted in lower (P<0.01) a* redness values and increased oxymyoglobin oxidation. Conversely, lutein and olive leaf extract reduced (P<0.001) oxymyoglobin oxidation relative to the control. The graded addition of ellagic acid and olive leaf extract improved (P<0.001) WHC.
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J P Kerry, M N O'Grady, P Allen, V Stepanyan, J E Hayes

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