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D P Berry
M Rath
J F Kearney
S Mc Parland



quantitative trait heritable female cell count milk proteins pedigree cattle chemistry pregnancy fertility animals genetics body composition lactation cytology anatomy histology fats regression analysis inbreeding milk reproduction physiology biometry ireland

Inbreeding effects on milk production, calving performance, fertility, and conformation in Irish Holstein-Friesians. (2007)

Abstract The objective of this study was to determine the effect of inbreeding on milk production, somatic cell count, fertility, survival, calving performance, and cow conformation in Irish Holstein-Friesian pluriparous dairy cows. Inbreeding was included in a linear mixed model as either a class variable or a continuous variable, where higher order polynomials of the latter were also tested in the model as an indicator of nonlinear inbreeding depression. The effects of dam inbreeding and calf inbreeding on calving-related traits were analyzed separately. Inbreeding had a deleterious effect on most of the traits analyzed, although inbreeding depression was sometimes nonlinear or differed significantly across parities. A primiparous animal, 12.5% inbred (i.e., following the mating of noninbred half-sibs), had milk, fat, and protein yields reduced by 61.8, 5.3, and 1.2 kg, respectively; fat and protein concentrations reduced by 0.05 and 0.01%, respectively; and somatic cell scores (i.e., natural log of somatic cell count divided by 1,000) increased by 0.03. The 12.5% inbred animal was also expected to have a 2% greater incidence of dystocia, a 1% greater incidence of stillbirth, a 0.7% greater incidence of male calves, an increase in calving interval of 8.8 d, an increase in age at first calving of 2.5 d, and a reduced survival to second lactation of 4 percentage units. Inbred animals were also taller, narrower, and more angular. Although the effects of inbreeding were statistically significant, they were small and are unlikely to cause great financial loss on Irish dairy farms.
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D P Berry, M Rath, J F Kearney, S Mc Parland

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