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A P Moloney
J P Kerry
D J Buckley
M G Keane
A M Mullen
S C Maher



quality management shear force water holding best management practice current management holstein friesian subcutaneous fat beef quality

Decreasing variation in the eating quality of beef through homogenous pre- and post-slaughter management. (2003)

Abstract The objective of this experiment was to determine the effectiveness of current "best-practise" management of steers pre- and post-slaughter in reducing variation in the eating quality of beef. Steers sired by one Belgian Blue bull from Holstein-Friesian cows were managed optimally from birth to slaughter. Animals were slaughtered at target body weights and subcutaneous fat scores of 620 kg and 4L (LH) (n=23) or 720 kg and 4H (HH) (n=24). On each slaughter occasion, commercial steers with similar carcass weights and classification scores to the homogenous steers were selected from the factory lairage; n=19 for light commercial steers (LC) and n=20 for heavy commercial steers (HC). Carcasses were hung by the pubic bone at 10 °C for 10 h and 2 °C until 24 h postmortem, when M. longissimus dorsi and M. semimembranosus muscles were excised. Following ageing for 2, 7 and/or 14 days postmortem, eating quality was assessed. Muscle from HH steers was more variable in terms of tenderness, protein, moisture and water-holding capacity compared to muscle from LH steers within LD muscle. Muscle from HC steers was more variable in terms of tenderness, redness colour, protein and intramuscular fat compared to muscle from LC steers within LD muscle. Applying best practice management to the homogenous and commercial steers in the present experiment reduced variances in Warner Bratzler shear force (25.69 and 23.9, respectively) compared to variance (154.9) of previous research carried out by the present authors.
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A P Moloney, J P Kerry, D J Buckley, M G Keane, A M Mullen, S C Maher

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