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Colin Hill
R Paul Ross
Maire P Ryan
Lisa O'Sullivan



drug effects biosynthesis conjugation genetic lactococcus lactis cheese pharmacology bacterial proteins metabolism anti bacterial agents microbial sensitivity tests lactobacillus plasmids bacteriocins microbiology listeria monocytogenes lacticin 481 genetics

Generation of food-grade lactococcal starters which produce the lantibiotics lacticin 3147 and lacticin 481. (2003)

Abstract Transconjugant lactococcal starters which produce both lantibiotics lacticin 3147 and lacticin 481 were generated via conjugation of large bacteriocin-encoding plasmids. A representative of one of the resultant strains proved more effective at killing Lactobacillus fermentum and inhibiting the growth of Listeria monocytogenes LO28H than either of the single bacteriocin-producing parental strains, demonstrating the potential of these transconjugants as protection cultures for food safety applications.
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Colin Hill, R Paul Ross, Maire P Ryan, Lisa O'Sullivan

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