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J P Kerry
D J Buckley
D J Troy
P B Lynch
D J O'Neill


Agriculture & Food Science

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Influence of the time of year on the incidence of PSE and DFD in Irish pigmeat. (2001)

Abstract The conditions of PSE (pale, soft, exudative) and DFD (dark, firm, and dry) are significant causes for downgrading of pigmeat resulting in financial loss to the slaughter plant. The objective of this study was to document the variation in quality of pigmeat from one slaughter plant over a 15-month period, based on colour, appearance and pH. During 4 days of most weeks, 30 pigs were randomly selected from the slaughter line, resulting in a total number of 4560 pigs. Muscle pH between the third and fourth rib was measured 45 min, 90 min and 24 h after slaughter. Using a Minolta colorimeter (Hunter L, a, b scale), colour of the longissimus dorsi muscle was measured 24 h after slaughter. Muscle colour was also visually scored on a scale of 1-6. Carcass pH at 24 h post-mortem varied significantly with month of slaughter (P<0.04) as did colour (Hunter L, P<0.001; Hunter a, P<0.001; Hunter b, P<0.001). It was concluded that meat quality as measured by 24 h pH and colour was poorest during the months of November and December. While this may be at least partly related to weather, it is probable that the increased slaughtering rates at this time and variable resting period before slaughter had the biggest impact.
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J P Kerry, D J Buckley, D J Troy, P B Lynch, D J O'Neill

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