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R P Ross
G F Fitzgerald
C Hill
D Stokes
L O'Sullivan
A Coffey
S Mills



cheese immunology hydrogen ion concentration pathogenicity microbiology food microbiology lacticin 481 genetics virology r factors growth development food processing industry bacteriocins pharmacology bacterial proteins biological markers conjugation genetic bacteriophages lactococcus lactis

Use of lacticin 481 to facilitate delivery of the bacteriophage resistance plasmid, pCBG104 to cheese starters. (2002)

Abstract Use of lacticin 481 to facilitate the conjugal transfer of the bacteriophage resistance plasmid pCBG104 to various starter cultures. A raw milk isolate of Lactococcus was found to harbour determinants for lacticin 481 production and immunity and phage resistance on a plasmid designated pCBG104. The lacticin 481 was successfully used to mobilize the phage resistance determinant to a variety of cheese starters enabling the formation of highly phage resistant starters. In addition, it facilitated the stacking of a number of phage resistance genes, namely a type I restriction modification system, a phage abortive infection system and a phage adsorption blocking system in a single Lactococcus strain without the use of recombinant techniques. The transconjugants were all shown to produce lacticin 481 and to contain the entire 481 operon. Subsequently one transconjugant was selected and successfully used for large-scale cheddar cheese manufacture. Lacticin 481 could be used as a food-grade selectable marker to facilitate the introduction of advantageous traits to starter cultures for industrial food fermentations. SIGNIFICANCE AND IMAPCT OF THE STUDY: Food-grade selectable markers greatly facilitate the introduction of various advantageous traits to starter cultures for industrial food fermentation. Indeed self-cloning which is becoming increasingly important for strain improvement has a requirement for the identification and demonstration of the utility of tools such as lacticin 481.
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R P Ross, G F Fitzgerald, C Hill, D Stokes, L O'Sullivan, A Coffey, S Mills

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