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A P Moloney
D J Troy
M T Mooney
M Vidal
P J Caffrey
F.J. Monahan
E G O'Riordan
P French


Agriculture & Food Science

subcutaneous fat treatment effects grass silage meat quality quality based ageing time carcass growth post mortem

Meat quality of steers finished on autumn grass, grass silage or concentrate-based diets. (1999)

Abstract The objective of this experiment was to determine the effect of varying the proportions of autumn grass and concentrates and grass silage and concentrates on the quality of meat from cattle with similar rates of carcass growth. Fifty continental crossbred steers were assigned to five treatments. The experimental diets offered were (1) grass silage ad libitum plus 4 kg concentrate (SC), (2) 1 kg hay plus 8 kg concentrate (CO), (3) 6 kg grass dry matter (DM) plus 5 kg concentrate (CG), (4) 12 kg grass DM plus 2.5 kg concentrate (GC) and (5) 22 kg grass DM (GO). The experiment lasted 85 days after which all animals were slaughtered. The right side m. longissmus dorsi was excised from all animals 24 h post slaughter for assessment of meat quality. Treatments SC and CO resulted in animals with whiter (P<0.05) subcutaneous and kidney/channel fat than all other treatments. There was an interaction (P<0.05) between ageing time and treatment with treatment GC having higher (P<0.05) tenderness, texture and acceptability values after 2 days ageing, but not after 7 or 14 days ageing. It is concluded that supplementing grass with low levels of concentrate produced the most tender and acceptable meat at 2 days post mortem, but that further ageing eliminated all treatment effects on eating quality of beef.
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A P Moloney, D J Troy, M T Mooney, M Vidal, P J Caffrey, F.J. Monahan, E G O'Riordan, P French

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