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Margarida Vieira
Emília Campos de Carvalho
Fiona Timmins
Sílvia Caldeira


Medicine & Nursing

distress nursing diagnosis clinical validation cancer patients language tools cancer chemotherapy prevalence cancer diagnosis

Clinical Validation of the Nursing Diagnosis Spiritual Distress in Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy. (2015)

Abstract Validate the nursing diagnosis spiritual distress in cancer patients. Cross-sectional approach using Richard Fehring's Clinical Diagnostic Validity Model. The prevalence of diagnosis was 40.8% in a sample of 170 patients. A total of 16 defining characteristics were validated. Expresses suffering had the highest sensitivity value and lack of meaning in life had the highest specificity value. The diagnosis was validated. Cancer patients in spiritual distress are in a state of suffering related to lack of meaning in life. Sensitive diagnosis tools and language are required for nurses to make accurate judgments in situations of spiritual distress. Validation in different contexts would increase the clinical evidence of this diagnosis.
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Margarida Vieira, Emília Campos de Carvalho, Fiona Timmins, Sílvia Caldeira

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