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G Donohoe
A Corvin
M Gill
J J Foxe
D Tropea
D Hoerold
S Karch
G Leicht
E Cummings
S Moore
and 4 others



znf804a genetic association studies zinc finger p300 irish genotype patients schizophrenia

Effects of ZNF804A on auditory P300 response in schizophrenia. (2013)

Abstract The common variant rs1344706 within the zinc-finger protein gene ZNF804A has been strongly implicated in schizophrenia (SZ) susceptibility by a series of recent genetic association studies. Although associated with a pattern of altered neural connectivity, evidence that increased risk is mediated by an effect on cognitive deficits associated with the disorder has been equivocal. This study investigated whether the same ZNF804A risk allele was associated with variation in the P300 auditory-evoked response, a cognitively relevant putative endophenotype for SZ. We compared P300 responses in carriers and noncarriers of the ZNF804A risk allele genotype groups in Irish patients and controls (n=97). P300 response was observed to vary according to genotype in this sample, such that risk allele carriers showed relatively higher P300 response compared with noncarriers. This finding accords with behavioural data reported by our group and others. It is also consistent with the idea that ZNF804A may have an impact on cortical efficiency, reflected in the higher levels of activations required to achieve comparable behavioural accuracy on the task used.
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G Donohoe, A Corvin, M Gill, J J Foxe, D Tropea, D Hoerold, S Karch, G Leicht, E Cummings, S Moore and 4 others

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