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M J Owen
M C O'Donovan
S A McCarroll
P V Gejman
P F Sullivan
C Hultman
P Sklar
N Craddock
A Corvin
M Gill
and 26 others



population variants schizophrenia mutation disorders general rare individuals

Evidence that duplications of 22q11.2 protect against schizophrenia. (2013)

Abstract A number of large, rare copy number variants (CNVs) are deleterious for neurodevelopmental disorders, but large, rare, protective CNVs have not been reported for such phenotypes. Here we show in a CNV analysis of 47 005 individuals, the largest CNV analysis of schizophrenia to date, that large duplications (1.5-3.0 Mb) at 22q11.2--the reciprocal of the well-known, risk-inducing deletion of this locus--are substantially less common in schizophrenia cases than in the general population (0.014% vs 0.085%, OR=0.17, P=0.00086). 22q11.2 duplications represent the first putative protective mutation for schizophrenia.
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M J Owen, M C O'Donovan, S A McCarroll, P V Gejman, P F Sullivan, C Hultman, P Sklar, N Craddock, A Corvin, M Gill and 26 others

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