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Georg S Duesberg
Ehsan Rezvani
Hye-Young Kim
Niall Mcevoy
Chanyoung Yim



resistance diodes low cost interfaces thin films impedance spectroscopy semiconductors conductive carbon films

Investigation of the interfaces in schottky diodes using equivalent circuit models. (2013)

Abstract The metal-semiconductor contact is one of the most critical factors that determine the performance of semiconductor devices such as Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs). SBDs between conductive carbon thin films and silicon have attracted attention due to their high performance and potential low cost of fabrication. Here, we introduce impedance spectroscopy (IS) as a powerful technique to characterize such SBDs. The electrical and structural characteristics of carbon-silicon SBDs between silicon and two different types of conductive carbon thin films have been investigated. Modeling the data with an extended equivalent circuit model reveals the effects of the metal electrode contacts of SBDs for the first time. From dc current-voltage measurements, diode parameters including the ideality factor, the Schottky barrier height, and the series resistance are extracted. Through use of analysis with IS, additional information on the Schottky contact is obtained, such as the built-in potential and more reliable barrier height values. Thus, IS can be utilized to analyze interfaces between metals and semiconductors in great detail by electrical means.
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Georg S Duesberg, Ehsan Rezvani, Hye-Young Kim, Niall Mcevoy, Chanyoung Yim

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