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R B Reilly
S Connolly
S Gubbins
M Ní Lochlainn



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The vegetative and minimally conscious states: a review of the literature and preliminary survey of prevalence in Ireland. (2011)

Abstract In the absence of reliable, objective and direct measures of awareness, the diagnosis and prognosis of the vegetative and minimally conscious states are greatly complicated. This has led to an unacceptably high level of misdiagnosis. Although diagnosis and prognosis have typically relied on bedside behavioural measures, a number of recent studies on neuroimaging and neurophysiological methods offer the possibility of improvement in these areas. We examined current clinical practice and possible future directions in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disorders of consciousness, as well as the ethical and legal dilemmas associated with these disorders. We also summarise epidemiological data from three specialist rehabilitation hospitals in Ireland. We recommend an international agreement on standard behavioural assessment. This would enable greater consistency in diagnosis and prognostication, as well as improved accuracy of epidemiological data. Based on the current evidence, we advocate the introduction of neuroimaging and neurophysiological techniques into the standardised investigation profile. A more detailed epidemiological study is also required in Ireland.
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R B Reilly, S Connolly, S Gubbins, M Ní Lochlainn

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