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Jonathan N Coleman
Janet C Dickerson
Sukanta De
Philip E Lyons
Sophie Sorel



networks dependence silver resistance nanowire optical conductivity nanowires

The dependence of the optoelectrical properties of silver nanowire networks on nanowire length and diameter. (2012)

Abstract We have characterized the optoelectrical properties of networks of silver nanowires as a function of nanowire dimension by measuring transmittance (T) and sheet resistance (R(s)) for a large number of networks of different thicknesses fabricated from wires of different diameters (D) and lengths (L). We have analysed these data using both bulk-like and percolative models. We find the network DC conductivity to scale linearly with wire length while the optical conductivity is approximately invariant with nanowire length. The ratio of DC to optical conductivity, often taken as a figure of merit for transparent conductors, scales approximately as L/D. Interestingly, the percolative exponent, n, scales empirically as D², while the percolative figure of merit, Π, displays large values at low D. As high T and low R(s) are associated with low n and high Π, these data are consistent with improved optoelectrical performance for networks of low-D wires. We predict that networks of wires with D = 25 nm could give sheet resistance as low as 25 Ω/□ for T = 90%.
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Jonathan N Coleman, Janet C Dickerson, Sukanta De, Philip E Lyons, Sophie Sorel

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