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Laure Marignol
Donal Hollywood
Mark Lawler
Mary Coffey
Lynn Martin


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genomic instability microsatellite instability male breast neoplasms prostatic neoplasms physiopathology incidence epidemiology dna neoplasm humans physiology hormones female dna mismatch repair genetics

DNA mismatch repair and the transition to hormone independence in breast and prostate cancer. (2009)

Abstract The molecular basis for the progression of breast and prostate cancer from hormone dependent to hormone independent disease remains a critical issue in the management of these two cancers. The DNA mismatch repair system is integral to the maintenance of genomic stability and suppression of tumorigenesis. No firm consensus exists regarding the implications of mismatch repair (MMR) deficiencies in the development of breast or prostate cancer. However, recent studies have reported an association between mismatch repair deficiency and loss of specific hormone receptors, inferring a potential role for mismatch repair deficiency in this transition. An updated review of the experimental data supporting or contradicting the involvement of MMR defects in the development and progression of breast and prostate cancer will be provided with particular emphasis on their implications in the transition to hormone independence.
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Laure Marignol, Donal Hollywood, Mark Lawler, Mary Coffey, Lynn Martin

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