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Jonathan N Coleman
Shane D Bergin
David Rickard
Mustafa Lotya
Yenny Hernandez



measurement parameters hildebrand solubility parameter solubility solvents solvent graphene transmission electron microscopy tem

Measurement of multicomponent solubility parameters for graphene facilitates solvent discovery. (2009)

Abstract We have measured the dispersibility of graphene in 40 solvents, with 28 of them previously unreported. We have shown that good solvents for graphene are characterized by a Hildebrand solubility parameter of delta(T) approximately 23 MPa(1/2) and Hansen solubility parameters of delta(D) approximately 18 MPa(1/2), delta(P) approximately 9.3 MPa(1/2), and delta(H) approximately 7.7 MPa(1/2). The dispersibility is smaller for solvents with Hansen parameters further from these values. We have used transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis to show that the graphene is well exfoliated in all cases. Even in relatively poor solvents, >63% of observed flakes have <5 layers.
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Jonathan N Coleman, Shane D Bergin, David Rickard, Mustafa Lotya, Yenny Hernandez

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