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Jonathan N Coleman
Georg S Duesberg
Yenny Hernandez
Evelyn M Doherty
Arlene O'Neill
Mustafa Lotya
Paul J King
Sukanta De



surface active agents graphite pliability chemistry polyethylene terephthalates spectrum analysis oxides electric conductivity optical phenomena sodium cholate water

Flexible, transparent, conducting films of randomly stacked graphene from surfactant-stabilized, oxide-free graphene dispersions. (2009)

Abstract Graphite is exfoliated in water to give dispersions of mono- and few-layer graphene stabilized by surfactant. These dispersions can be used to form thin, disordered films of randomly stacked, oxide-free, few-layer graphenes. These films are transparent with a direct current conductivity of up to 1.5 x 10(4) S m(-1). The conductivity is stable under flexing for at least 2000 cycles. The electrical properties are limited by disorder and aggregation suggesting future routes for improvement.
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Jonathan N Coleman, Georg S Duesberg, Yenny Hernandez, Evelyn M Doherty, Arlene O'Neill, Mustafa Lotya, Paul J King, Sukanta De

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