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Jonathan N Coleman
Jerome Joimel
Vittorio Scardaci
John J Boland
Peter N Nirmalraj
Werner J. Blau
Paul J King
Evelyn M Doherty
Sophie Sorel
Philip E Lyons
and 1 others



transparent films arc discharge single walled nanotubes polymer composites polymer thin films thin films composite films conductive films

Transparent, flexible, and highly conductive thin films based on polymer-nanotube composites. (2009)

Abstract We have prepared flexible, transparent, and very conducting thin composite films from poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate), filled with both arc discharge and HIPCO single-walled nanotubes, at high loading level. The films are of high optical uniformity. The arc discharge nanotube-filled composites were significantly more conductive, demonstrating DC conductivities of >10(5) S/m for mass fractions >50 wt %. The ratio of DC to optical conductivity was higher for composites with mass fractions of 55-60 wt % than for nanotube-only films. For an 80 nm thick composite, filled with 60 wt % arc discharge nanotubes, this conductivity ratio was maximized at sigma(DC)/sigma(Op) = 15. This translates into transmittance (550 nm) and sheet resistance of 75 and 80 Omega/square, respectively. These composites were electromechanically very stable, showing <1% resistance change over 130 bend cycles.
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Jonathan N Coleman, Jerome Joimel, Vittorio Scardaci, John J Boland, Peter N Nirmalraj, Werner J. Blau, Paul J King, Evelyn M Doherty, Sophie Sorel, Philip E Lyons and 1 others

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