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Experience based learning (EBL): Exploring professional teaching through critical reflection and reflexivity. (2007)

Abstract Utilising Rolfe's [Rolfe, G., 1998. Expanding Nursing Knowledge: Understanding and Researching Your Own Practice. Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford] reflexive action research, one novice nurse educator explored current teaching practice. The data were collected from a reflective journal and colleague feedback. Through this data collection and applying Rolfe's (1998) understanding-action-evaluation (UAE) cycle an insight was gained within the community of practice regarding teaching methods. Didactic lecture methods were found to be the preferred option, arising from lack of confidence. Through personal reflection and sharing with colleagues overall teaching practice improved. It is suggested that models of reflective practice that focus on work based learning, rather than the individual are utilised within nurse education settings to develop localised theory and support novice teachers. Models of reflection and action research may be used within these frameworks to extrapolate in depth reflections as a basis for theory development.
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