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A critical review of appropriate conceptual models for use by coronary care nurses. (2008)

Abstract There is little evidence of the extent of conceptual model use within cardiovascular nursing. Concern exists within nursing that nursing theory and conceptual model use within practice is less than optimal. It is further suggested that there is little evidence of nursing theory occupying its true position as the central tenet of nursing practice and cardiovascular nurses have been challenged to reconsider this aspect of practice. The aim of this review is to explore the effectiveness of conceptual models used within cardiovascular nursing to further explore their potential benefit. Using key terms, a search was conducted using electronic databases CINAHL and PUBMED; yielding seven papers that fulfilled selection criteria. Few papers related to research studies in the area. However, of those identified significant examination and testing of concepts emerged within the studies. Rather than merely using concepts as an organizing framework or a component of the study, theories alluded to were scrutinized and consistently applied. Although studies identified mostly referred to specific testing and examination of aspects of conceptual models, the notion of self-care and support for clients emerges as a strong theme within the review. The relationship between nurse and client seemed to be pivotal in any noted improvements. The findings have limited application to practice. In the absence of large-scale longitudinal studies, only selected aspects of conceptual models or theory were scrutinized. Further research is required in this area to identify conceptual models of nursing that are most appropriate for cardiovascular nursing care.
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