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Jonathan N Coleman
Gregg R Dieckmann
Damian Aherne
Alan R Dalton
Helen Cathcart
Valeria Nicolosi



single walled carbon nanotubes spontaneous drug design peptides time scale nanotubes carbon chemistry surface active agents

Spontaneous exfoliation of single-walled carbon nanotubes dispersed using a designed amphiphilic peptide. (2008)

Abstract We have observed concentration dependent exfoliation of single-walled carbon nanotubes dispersed in solutions of the synthetic peptide nano-1. As the nanotube concentration is reduced, the bundle diameters tend to decrease before saturating at <2.0 nm for concentrations below 6 x 10(-3) mg/mL. The fraction of individual nanotubes increases with decreasing concentration, saturating at approximately 95% at low concentration. This concentration dependent exfoliation happens even if the dispersions are not sonicated on dilution, albeit over a longer time scale. The populations both of individual nanotubes and of bundles are much higher than expected at high concentrations, indicating the presence of repulsive internanotube interactions stabilizing the dispersions.
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Jonathan N Coleman, Gregg R Dieckmann, Damian Aherne, Alan R Dalton, Helen Cathcart, Valeria Nicolosi

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