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Ian H Robertson
Laura P McAvinue



models psychological questionnaires functional laterality statistics numerical data orientation male space perception visual perception psychological tests middle aged adult imagination humans adolescent female depth perception motor activity aptitude tests task performance and analysis principal component analysis

Relationship between visual and motor imagery. (2007)

Abstract The relationship between visual and motor imagery was investigated by administering a battery of visual and motor imagery measures to a sample of 101 men (n=49) and women (n=52), who ranged in age from 18 to 59 (M=34.5, SD= 12.6). A principal components analysis applied to the correlation matrix indicated four underlying components, which explained 62.9% of the variance. The components were named Implicit Visual Imagery Ability, Self-report of Visual and Motor Imagery, Implicit Motor Imagery Ability, and Explicit Motor Imagery Ability. These results suggested a dissociation between visual and motor imagery although visual and motor imagery were associated as self-reports and there were correlations among particular measures.
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Ian H Robertson, Laura P McAvinue

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