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Honor Nicholl
Fiona Timmins



nurses humans middle aged stress psychological nurse administrators female male adult education nursing baccalaureate education nursing graduate psychology

Stressors associated with qualified nurses undertaking part-time degree programmes--some implications for nurse managers to consider. (2005)

Abstract The aim of this exploratory study was to explore and describe aspects of the programme that caused stress to students and suggested measures for reducing this stress. Perceived personal and professional benefits were also explored. A descriptive exploratory study utilizing a survey design was utilized. Stressors associated with the programme included trying to balance work commitments and the required study emerged as the number one stressor. "Balancing" was a significant feature of many of these nurses' lives. Meeting work commitments in addition to study was a reported stressor for almost every nurse. Employers and managers within the health care setting need to be responsive to the needs of nurses undertaking postregistration study, and explore flexible working options and aim to provide support and encouragement to nurses who are motivated towards study. Results indicate overall benefits for both the nurses' personal and professional practice, therefore adequate infrastructure to suitably support these nurses is required that may have potential benefits for patient/client care.
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