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Douwe van Sinderen
Jennifer Mahony



infection food safety generation protein binding phages components lactic acid bacteria genetics

Novel strategies to prevent or exploit phages in fermentations, insights from phage-host interactions. (2014)

Abstract Phages infecting lactic acid bacteria (LAB) provide some of the most advanced model systems for (tailed) phage-host interactions. In particular the identification of receptor molecules of representative lactococcal phages combined with the elucidation of the structure of the receptor-binding protein has permitted crucial insights into the early stages of infection. Dairy and biotechnological fermentations are persistently marred by the destructive activities of phages. Here, we discuss how recent advances in our knowledge on LAB phage-host interactions have provided a basis for the next generation anti-phage strategies. Furthermore, the significant increase in genomic data has furthered our understanding of the genetics of these phages, thereby permitting the exploitation of phage-derived components for food safety and biotechnological applications.
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Douwe van Sinderen, Jennifer Mahony

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