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D M Murphy
B J Plant
M P Kennedy
M T Henry
J A Eustace
P Mitchell
D M Edgeworth
O J O'Connell
B R Bowen
E B Hunt
and 1 others


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anti asthmatic agents administration inhalation ambulatory care follow up studies patient compliance patient education as topic administration dosage asthma adult humans nebulizers and vaporizers utilization cohort studies treatment outcome female risk assessment drug therapy ambulatory care facilities diagnosis male statistics numerical data young adult prospective studies middle aged quality control ireland

A study to assess inhaler technique and its potential impact on asthma control in patients attending an asthma clinic. (2014)

Abstract The aim of this study was to evaluate inhaler technique and symptom control in patients with poorly controlled asthma at baseline and at follow-up in a dedicated asthma clinic in a tertiary hospital. We also investigated the impact of asthma on these patients' quality of life. Patients referred to a newly established asthma clinic in Cork University Hospital were prospectively recruited over a 6-month period. Their inhaler technique was assessed by a pulmonary nurse specialist using a validated scoring system. They received instruction on inhaler usage when scores were suboptimal. Patients completed a validated asthma control questionnaire (ACQ) and asthma quality of life questionnaire (AQLQ). At follow-up 3-4 months later, the inhaler technique was reassessed and the ACQ questionnaire repeated. Forty-six patients were recruited (female = 74%), and 40/46 were followed up. Mean [SD] FEV1 % predicted at baseline = 76.5% [21.5]. About 63% of the patients were classified as incorrectly using their inhaler at their initial assessment. This decreased to 20% at follow-up, indicating an overall significant improvement in inhaler usage post-training (p = 0.003). ACQ scores improved significantly from median [interquartile range] 2.70 [1.66] to 2.00 [1.90] (p = 0.002). Baseline measurement indicated that patients' quality of life was moderately affected by asthma, with a median AQLQ score of 4.75 [1.97]. This study demonstrates the importance of educating and formally assessing inhaler technique in patients with asthma as a part of their ongoing clinical review.
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D M Murphy, B J Plant, M P Kennedy, M T Henry, J A Eustace, P Mitchell, D M Edgeworth, O J O'Connell, B R Bowen, E B Hunt and 1 others

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