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Michael A. Morris
Paul Delaney
Colm McManamon



metal nanoparticles doped nanoparticles photocatalytic activity x ray diffraction photocatalytic diffraction analysis non metal titanium dioxide

Photocatalytic properties of metal and non-metal doped novel sub 10nm titanium dioxide nanoparticles on methyl orange. (2013)

Abstract This study examines the addition of various dopants to TiO2 nanoparticles for the enhancement of photocatalytic activity. The materials were tested for efficiency on the degradation of methyl orange under UV light. The dopants were added at different molar ratios to find the ideal amount required for optimum results. BET analysis was used to determine surface areas while X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis was used to study the effect of the dopant on the transformation of the TiO2 structure. The dopants used were Ag, S and Zr and displayed high levels of activity and show some ability to be reused. Decomposition of methyl orange was carried out using a 40 W UV bulb at 365 nm and results were measured by UV-vis spectrometry. It was determined that, overall, Ag doping displayed the best photocatalytic properties but was poor upon reuse.
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Michael A. Morris, Paul Delaney, Colm McManamon

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