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J P Kerry
M N O'Grady
K M Murphy


Agriculture & Food Science

partial least squares regression meat quality quality of life beef quality shelf life oxygen modified atmosphere sensory quality

Effect of varying the gas headspace to meat ratio on the quality and shelf-life of beef steaks packaged in high oxygen modified atmosphere packs. (2012)

Abstract Beef steaks (M. longissimus dorsi) were stored in modified atmosphere packs (MAP) (80% O₂:20% CO₂) with gas headspace to meat ratios of 2:1, 1:1 and 0.5:1 for 14 days at 4 °C. The pH, surface colour, texture and microbiology of beef steaks were unaffected (P>0.05) by varying the gas headspace to meat ratio. APLSR (ANOVA-partial least squares regression) and jack-knife uncertainty testing indicated that lipid oxidation (TBARS) was significantly positively correlated with days 10 (P<0.05) and 14 (P<0.001) of storage. Chemical and sensory detection of lipid oxidation in beef steaks were in agreement on day 14 of storage. The sensory quality and acceptability of beef steaks were similar in gas headspace to meat ratios of 2:1 or 1:1 and unacceptable in 0.5:1. Results indicate that pack size and gas volume can be reduced without negatively affecting fresh beef quality and shelf-life.
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J P Kerry, M N O'Grady, K M Murphy

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