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Joseph P Kerry
Ruth M Hamill
Maurice G O'Sullivan
Brian D Tobin


Agriculture & Food Science

food preferences adult meat products taste humans color food handling dietary fats young adult consumer satisfaction sodium chloride dietary

Effect of varying salt and fat levels on the sensory quality of beef patties. (2011)

Abstract The interactive effects of varying levels of salt and fat on the sensory and physiochemical properties of beef patties were investigated. Twenty beef patties with varying levels of fat (30% 40% 50% 60% w/w) and salt (0.5%, 0.75% 1.0% 1.25% 1.5% w/w) were manufactured. All samples were assessed instrumentally for colour, moisture, fat, cooking loss and texture profile analysis. Sensory consumer evaluation was conducted using 25 consumers. The consumers rated each coded product, in duplicate, in terms of colour, texture, tenderness, juiciness, salt, taste, meat flavour, off flavour and overall acceptability. The data indicate that the most consumer acceptable beef patty was that containing 40% fat with a salt level of 1%. This is a 20% decrease in fat and a 50% decrease in salt levels when compared to commercial patties available in Ireland and the UK.
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Joseph P Kerry, Ruth M Hamill, Maurice G O'Sullivan, Brian D Tobin

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