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Owen Conlan
Edmond Walsh
Eddie Walsh
Vincent Patrick Wade


Computer Science

dynamic environments adaptive learning usage metadata adaptivity learning resources reuse resource usage learning environments

Dynamic Contextual Usage Metadata for Learning Resource Reuse in Adaptive Environments (2011)

Abstract Drawing on the experiences and context of others who have already used a particular resource can greatly facili- tate that resource?s reuse. Such reuse is essential when the resources in question are digital learning assets, services and models which are expensive both in terms of time and monetary expenditure to develop and use. When these re- sources are deployed in personalised settings, where each user may be delivered a tailored sequence of resources that uniquely suits their particular needs, gathering and feder- ating a rich view of how these resources are being used be- comes important. In this article we describe an approach to facilitating the federating of contextual usage data, which is compiled over the lifecycle of a resource. Given that this data is likely to come from a range of different sources, our approach will need to be able to cope with the high level of heterogeneity expected in terms of its structure, syntax and semantics. We describe how such data may be used to sup- port users in assessing the value of learning resources and facilitating their appropriate reuse.
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Owen Conlan, Edmond Walsh, Eddie Walsh, Vincent Patrick Wade

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