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Colin Hill
R Paul Ross
Mary Rea
Satoru Oshima
Maire Begley
Ruth Morrissey



food microbiology microbiology genetics luciferases cronobacter sakazakii growth development infant formula colony count microbial infant consumer product safety infant food humans infant newborn kinetics food contamination models biological

Real-time monitoring of luciferase-tagged Cronobacter sakazakii in reconstituted infant milk formula. (2011)

Abstract The aim of this study was to examine the potential of using a lux-tagged Cronobacter sakazakii strain to monitor growth of the bacterium in various liquids. C. sakazakii was transformed with plasmid p16S lux, and integration of the plasmid at the desired site on the chromosome was confirmed by PCR. The growth of the lux-tagged strain was similar to that of the non-lux-tagged strain, and the integrated plasmid was stable when cells were cultured in the absence of antibiotic. Growth of the lux-tagged strain was monitored in real time in Luria-Bertani broth, skim milk, and infant milk formula by using both the Luminoskan luminometer and the Xenogen IVIS imager. Bioluminescence could be detected when the lux-tagged strain was cocultured with other bacteria. The effect of monocaprylin and nisin on the growth of C. sakazakii in milk was monitored by measuring bioluminescence. In conclusion, growth of a lux-tagged C. sakazakii can be monitored in real time in both clear and opaque liquids by measuring bioluminescence. lux-tagged C. sakazakii strains could be potentially used in high-throughput assays to monitor the effects of various infant milk formula compositions on growth of the bacterium.
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Colin Hill, R Paul Ross, Mary Rea, Satoru Oshima, Maire Begley, Ruth Morrissey

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