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The future of enterprise groupware applications (2000)

Abstract We are currently witnessing a convergence of several threads of technology and business imperatives. A new model for business organisations, the Virtual Enterprise (VE) is emerging. The new model is based on the idea that business organisations should be able to marshal more resources than they have available without the need for expansion. This, combined with the trend for outsourcing and downsizing, leads to more demanding collaboration between organisations and individuals. As groupware technology focuses on providing enterprise collaboration solutions, the VE model imposes a series of new challenges in the development of enterprise groupware applications. This paper starts by providing a description of the VE model and identifying the requirements it imposes on future enterprise systems. It continues with a review of groupware technology and products. The purpose of this review is to identify the various aspects that current groupware technology covers and to investigate its appropriateness as the basis for future enterprise systems. Then, it proceeds in an evaluation of the role of groupware in realising the VE model and identifies in which way current technological phenomena will transform groupware and will drive the enterprise systems of the future. Finally, it concludes with a discussion on a new model for developing groupware applications.
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