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Justin D. Holmes
Richard K Heenan
David C Steytler
Michael A. Morris
John P Hanrahan
Mark P Copley
Hugh McNamara
John M. O'Callaghan



pressure ethane ionization of liquids micelles gases neutron scattering nonionic surfactants cetrimonium compounds solubility poloxamer carbon dioxide cetrimonium liquids propane ions surface active agents swelling solvents hydrocarbons supercritical fluid extraction

Swelling of ionic and nonionic surfactant micelles by high pressure gases. (2010)

Abstract The influence of different solvent environments on the size, shape, and characteristics of surfactant micelles of Pluronic F127 and CTAB was investigated by small-angle neutron scattering (SANS). SANS experiments were undertaken on dilute micellar surfactant solutions of F127 and CTAB that between them were exposed to liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide, liquid propane, ethane, and heptane under various pressures and temperatures. Swelling of the surfactant micelles could be directly related to the solubility of the solvents within the micelles, especially within their cores. Carbon dioxide produced the largest swelling of the Pluronic F127 micelles, compared to propane and ethane, which mirrors the solubility of the gases in the PPO core of the micelles. Conversely, the extent of swelling of the cores of CTAB micelles was greater with propane compared to carbon dioxide, which again relates to the solubility of the solvents in the alkane core of the CTAB micelles.
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Justin D. Holmes, Richard K Heenan, David C Steytler, Michael A. Morris, John P Hanrahan, Mark P Copley, Hugh McNamara, John M. O'Callaghan

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