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J P Kerry
P V Mahajan
F A S Rodrigues
T Iqbal



quality control models biological oxygen oxygen consumption refrigeration cold temperature metabolism stress physiological nonlinear dynamics food handling agaricales carbon dioxide time factors food technology

Effect of time, temperature, and slicing on respiration rate of mushrooms. (2009)

Abstract Respiration rate measurement considering the effects of cutting, temperature, and storage time are important for the shelf life study and modified atmosphere-packaging design of fresh-cut produce. This study investigates in the respiration rate of fresh whole and sliced mushrooms at 0, 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 degrees C under ambient atmosphere and different storage times. The O(2) consumption rate increased with temperature and ranged from 22.13 to 102.41 mL/(kg.h) and 28.87 to 143.22 mL/(kg.h) for whole and sliced mushrooms, respectively, in the temperature range tested. Similar trend was observed for CO(2) production rate. Slicing of mushrooms increased the respiration rate by 30% at 0 degrees C and 40% at 20 degrees C indicating that the mushrooms are not as sensitive to the stress caused by cutting as other fresh produce. Storage time affected both respiration rate of whole and sliced mushrooms and this effect was prominent at higher temperatures. The respiration rates increased initially for some time, then decreased and reached steady state value at 12, 16, and 20 degrees C. A 2nd-order polynomial equation was used to fit the respiration rate data as a function of time at each temperature tested.
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J P Kerry, P V Mahajan, F A S Rodrigues, T Iqbal

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